Used Mazak HCN 5000II + FMS
Revercon Advice in Machining

Used Hor. Center Nexus 5000-II + FMS

Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_1
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_2
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_3
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_4
HCN 5000II_Späneförderer
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_Spindle2
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_Spindle1
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_Spindle time
HCN 5000II_Steuerung
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_options
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_Tool changer1
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_Tool dimensions
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_Toolchanger2
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_Toolchanger3
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_Pallettech4
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_Insight machine
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_Pallettech3
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_Pallettech1
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_Pallettech2
HCN 5000II_Schaltschrank
Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-II_5

Year Built


Power-on hours


Spindel hours


Price New

499.928 €


Eastern Belgium

Expected Price

Please contact us

Work table

Table Pallets

500 mm x 500 mm

Number of Pallets


Max. pallet load

700 kg

Workpiece dimensions

Dia= 800 mm/H= 1.000 mm

Tool magazine

Number of tools


Max. tool dia. (Length)

95 mm (L=360mm)

Max. tool dia. (Length)

30 mm (L=420 mm)

Free adjecent pocket

150 mm

Max. tool weight

12 kg


Mazak Matrix Nexus

Tool measuring system



730 mm


730 mm


740 mm

B-Rotary Axis

360° (0.001[°])


Spindle Speed

18.000 RPM

Tool shaft

Revised BIG+ 40

Spindle motor output (30min)

30 kW (40HP)


Rapid traverse X/Y/Z

60 m/min

Feed rate

60 m/min

Door lock - Roof Top - Through spindle coolant - Chip conveyor Mayfran CONSEP - Transformer Europe - Automatic tool measurement - Mazak Tornado Tapping & Milling - RS232C interface - Background tool check - Machining Navigation (Prediction-Monitor-Results) - PCMCIA Interface - Network interface - Automatic Feed Control (AFC) - Tool Life Management (TLM) -  Working light.

The technical specifications are based on information provided to Revercon BV and may differ from the reality. Revercon can not be held responsible for mistakes. In case of discrepancies Revercon will correct immediately this data.

Revercon Advice on CNC Machines

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